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As a PGA member I am always looking for the next edge to keep myself in the best possible shape for golf. The Golf Performance Academy of Austin has given me that tool. The staff at GPA has one of the most well rounded physical awareness programs in the world. With a combination of physical therapy, Titleist Performance Institute training and golf specific machines their team has created an environment that is beneficial for pro golfers and club players alike. Members at our club have been witness to the results of keeping your body balanced for golf and the improvements that working with GPA can have on your long term enjoyment of life. I personally tell all my members and friends that are interested in having a better quality of life to give The Golf Performance Academy a call.

Andrew Curtis-Wellings, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Lakecliff Country Club

Bio: Billy Clagett has won 30 local & state events, 2 national events (Trans Miss Seniors) and was a medalist in 2 USGA Senior tournaments (Setting the national scoring record which still stands today!)

I had full hip replacement in November 2010 - I had hip & back problems for several years I was very happy to have this anterior approach right hip thing that I now realize: the surgery is a breeze compared to the discomfort of post surgery - just a pain in the rear in the everyday living experience. After about 3 weeks of home physical therapy I was ready for more intense PT - that's when Paul Hendricks & his team @ Body Balance was called on. Several friends recommended Body Balance to me...My program started out slowly - to a degree letting me set my own pace...I could not do several of the exercises at first but slowly increased my ability to fulfill the exercise program the team had laid out for me. Then I 'graduated' to a more golf focused program. In March I started playing 9 holes but mainly practiced on a light schedule - a cold crummy winter & early spring helped me not to jump in too fast. Now the first of May I am rearing to go. Living in Lakeway made it so easy to see Body Balance at the World of Tennis...Playing out of Grey Rock made it easy to see Paul & Robert at their Grey Rock facility once I started playing & practicing. I want to thank the Body Balance team for helping me - my wife Pam thanks them too!! I recommend Body Balance to all!

Billy Clagett

In 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Three surgeries later I was cancer free, but you still have to go through chemotherapy. That lasted about 6 months and radiation is another 32 weeks. Unbelievably that was just the beginning of my health problems. In 2007 I had reconstruction surgery for my left shoulder. In 2009 I had back surgery to fuse disc 4/5. In 2011 I had a rod put in my right leg due to a closed tibia fracture. In 2012 my left knee was replaced and then I found out I had a rotator cuff tear that was 20 years old. I guess you can say that I have been through a lot of Physical Therapy.

Doctors told me that I would never be able to play golf again for many different reasons, but they were wrong! I was so luck to find Golf Performance Academy with Paul Hendricks and Robert Bradshaw. The first day I walked in Paul changed the way I walked, stood up and how I felt about myself. The first couple of months he met me at the parking in a golf cart just to get me to and from the appointment. My walking was like a little old lady, cane in one hand and just hoping not to fall on my face. Now exercising has never been one of my strong suits so I had a really hard time. I complained a lot but every week I was getting better and could see the improvements. The first time I had to do the balance board with my eyes closed I really thought they were crazy. Talk about improving my coordination. All the band work has strengthened my arms, back and core. Yes there are some exercises that I still do not like. The stair stepper (I call it Betty) is rough. The Explanar is really good for your golf swing. The "leader board" golf trainer and using the "Battle Ropes" are favorites of mine. Also throwing the medicine ball has helped strengthen my shoulders and teaches me to keep my core stable.

I still have a long way to go but I no longer walk like a duck, my core strength is the best it has ever been and most important I am hitting golf balls again! I have been unable to play golf for so long that I am very excited about having my first day on the golf course in many years this week. I am happy the doctors were wrong and GPA was there to help me achieve my goals!

Thank You.

Karen Little

Bio: Lisa DePaulo is a graduate of the University of Texas and played on the Women’s golf team at Texas from 1983-87. She was the MVP on the team in 1987 and turned professional in 1988. She is a two time winner on the Futures Tour, Players West Tour, Pacific Tour and she played the Asian Tour five different years. Lisa finally accomplished her dream of playing on the LPGA Tour in 2000 and once again in 2004 as a fully exempt member after over 12 trips to the Q school. She has participated in 11 majors including seven appearances in the Women's U.S Open.

I started working with Paul Hendricks and The Golf Performance Academy of Austin in 2007 to get me in shape for the 2008 LPGA Championship. This was going to be my 11th major, and I thought for sure my last appearance in an LPGA tournament let alone a major. GPA brings a fresh approach to fitness and their workouts are never the same. They always introduce something new or push you a little harder. My favorite thing they did for me was give me such tremendous care after my shoulder surgery in December 2009. The doctors told me it would be nine months before I could play and a year until I felt really good. I was playing in 7 months and I won a tournament 10 months after my surgery and now I am getting ready to play in my 12th major championship in June, 2011! Thank you Golf Performance Academy of Austin for all you have done for me.

Lisa DePaulo

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