Golf & Low Back Pain, No More!

Golf & Low Back Pain, No More!

Let’s face it, our body was not designed for swinging a golf club. In fact, swinging a golf club is a very violent motion that pushes our body, especially the lower back, to its limits. As a physical therapist, I hear stories daily about how low back pain is keeping my clients off the course and away from valuable time with their spouse, friends, and children. But have no fear, there truly is a ‘correct’ way to swing a golf club that will allow you to protect your back while playing golf well into your golden years.

Learning to swing the golf club correctly can be broken down into two stages. The first stage is gaining awareness and control of our physical limitations. Golfers usually have a combination of stability, mobility, strength, or conditioning issues that can lead to increased stress focused to our lower back. Recognizing and addressing these issues through core stabilization, stretching, etc. will help us gain control of our body and protect our back during violent movements like a golf swing.   

The second stage is becoming aware of positions, movements, and postures during the golf swing that can put us at increased risk for injury. If you have spent five minutes on a golf course you’ve probably heard someone say “stick your butt out” or “keep your head down!” These are just two examples of positions that can lead us to years of aches and pain that will keep us off the golf course.

If you want to play golf for years to come it is very important that you visit a golf-specific physical therapist sooner rather than later. Your physical therapist will detail exactly where your cause of pain is likely coming from and how to get you on the path to better, healthier golf!


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The author, Blaise Bourgeois, is a former golf professional and doctor of physical therapy at Body Balance Physical Therapy in Lakeway. He would be happy to answer any questions about Golf Injuries or Golf Fitness by phone at 512-261-8699 or by email at


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