PILATES - Instructed by Cyndi Billiot, PTA and Certified Pilates Instructor -- Click to read her BIO

Body Balance Physical Therapy offers both small group and private Pilates sessions on the mat and the Pilates Reformer. Call to schedule a session: 512-261-8699. Your first group class or private trial session is FREE!!



Benefits of Pilates:

Core strength, relief of back pain, flexibility, better posture, evenly conditioned body, prevent injuries, improve sports performance and post-partum strengthening. Pilates conditions the entire body helping you to enjoy your activities and sports with greater ease, less injuries and better performance. Pilates is great for all ages and all abilities.

About Group Classes:

  • Group classes are performed on the mat using props and your own body weight for resistance.
  • Class sizes are small for more individualized attention.
  • Instructed by a medically-licensed instructor.
  • Non-intimidating, fun atmosphere (all abilities welcome!).
  • Mats, water and towels provided.
  • Complimentary coffee, tea and cold essential oil towel afterward.

About Private Sessions:

  • Private sessions are performed on the mat with props or on the Pilates Reformer.
  • Private sessions can be one-on-one, or semi-private (duet, 2 people).
  • Perfect for someone who is brand new to Pilates to learn the basics.
  • Great for Post-Physical Therapy graduates who need assistance.
  • If you aren't into group classes and prefer undivided attention, then private is for you.


In December 2015, I was in a car accident. I have been in physical therapy since. In April of 2017, I discovered Body Balance. This has been a perfect fit for me because I have all of my needs met in one building! My Physical Therapist, Kelli works in partnership with Blaise (a Physical Therapist and a PGA instructor). My Orthopedist wanted me to learn how to protect my spine while playing golf (a game that I love). The surgeon that I see thought that Pilates would be perfect for helping me either avoid surgery or be better prepared to recover from surgery. Cyndi is perfect because she works in tandem with my Physical Therapists to make sure I do not hurt myself while I strengthen my core! I also do medical yoga at Body Balance two or three times a week. Body Balance is a perfect fit for me. Everything I need in one place. With a very special front office person! Lucky me!!    -Kathy E.


I started pilates with Cyndi as a beginner a few months after I had my second baby. It was the most perfect way for me to begin getting some activity back again and Cyndi was so great at scaling all movements for beginners and readjusting as you get more advance. She was so patient and supportive and really helped me to understand each movement and to get stronger. I stayed with her class for 3 years and looked forward to every week with her and the workouts. It was a small hour for myself and to feel good again. I gained strength and flexibility and got my tummy back! Thanks to Cyndi for all of her support and guidance. I would absolutely go back to her if she was still in my area! --Kelly W.


Cyndi is a professional, friendly instructor who truly cares about her clients. She takes the time to gently and gradually help you move into correct yoga postures or Pilates forms in the way that best benefits your individual body. I have never been injured in Cyndi’s class. Her classes are a celebration of ourselves, our bodies, and our lives. --Lena A.

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